Regular Vision Care: Why It Matters

The care you receive at your eye clinic can be beneficial to you in so many ways. Even if you have great vision, it's recommended you go to the eye clinic at least once every five years, with more frequent visits being recommended as you age.

Regular vision care matters and here are reasons why.

Regular vision care can catch age-related eye diseases

When you get regular vision care exams done, you do your part to help catch any age-related eye illnesses. As you age, you're more prone to get glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eyes, and other eye conditions. Some of these conditions can even cause partial or complete blindness if not treated, so catching them sooner is essential.

If you have a family history of macular degeneration and other eye diseases, it's even more important to see your vision care specialist regularly. Your eye doctor will tell you how often you should visit them based on your current eye health, family history of eye diseases, and other factors.

Regular vision care can detect other diseases

Your eye doctor can tell more about your health than just seeing how healthy your eyes are. They can also tell if you have other health issues, such as high blood pressure, by looking at your retinas and the blood vessels behind your eyes. If you have diabetes, hypertension, and other health issues, they may affect your eye health, so have your eye doctor give you a routine exam so you can stay on top of your overall health.

Regular vision care can detect vision changes

You might have changing vision without even realizing it. If it's suddenly harder to see at night while driving, your eyes feel tired or have issues focusing when you're on the computer, or you have headaches or feel pressure behind your eyes when doing close-focus tasks, then see your vision care specialist to see if you have changes in your vision. Your eyes, like the rest of your body, will age, so even if you've had perfect vision in the past, that might not be true anymore.

Your eye clinic can schedule you a routine appointment to care for your eyes. The right vision care will ensure you have healthy eyes for years to come and if you need corrective eyewear, you can get fitted for glasses or contacts right in the vision center's office. Contact an optometrist clinic for more information.