Neovascular Glaucoma: What Is This Serious Complication Of Diabetes And How Is It Treated?

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to numerous problems with your eye health, and one of the most serious is neovascular glaucoma. Neovascular glaucoma occurs when new blood vessels grow in your eyes and block the ducts that allow the vitreous fluid in your eye to drain out. The vitreous fluid builds up, increasing pressure inside your eye. This can lead to vision loss since the high pressure can damage the optic nerve inside your eye that transmits the images you see from your eye to your brain.

Signs You'Re A Good Candidate For Cataract Surgery

A cataract causes eye lens clouding due to protein build-up in the lens. This cloudiness causes blurry vision, which can be strenuous. Cataracts usually affect older adults, and surgery is the primary treatment for them. However, not all patients qualify for eye cataract surgery. So, what shows that you’re a good candidate for the surgery? Here are the indicators. You Exhibit Cataract Symptoms The signs of a cataract include: Cloudy vision.