What Does An Optometrist Check During An Eye Exam?

Proper eye care can help you protect your vision. An optometrist can administer a thorough eye exam that will test your vision and allow for early detection of eye diseases. Here are four things your eye doctor will check during your eye exam: 1. Ocular Pressure Your eyes are under pressure at all times. This pressure is caused by the vitreous fluid inside your eye. Eye pressure is not a concern unless it’s unusually high.

Do You Need An Ophthalmologist For Your Droopy Eyelid?

You see your eye doctor on the regular to keep your eye health in check. An optometrist is an eye doctor who checks on your overall eye health, while ophthalmology revolves around more serious eye care needs, such as dealing with blurry vision, correcting cross or wandering eyes, and doing surgery on droopy eyelids and other conditions. Often, your eye doctor and a fellow ophthalmologist may work together to help treat your vision needs.